Tips and Tricks for Traveling with the Elderly

Tips and Tricks for Traveling with the Elderly

Let’s Start with Itinerary, Because Itinerary Is Everything

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Generally the elderly have different physical endurance with young children

Therefore, be realistic in compiling the itinerary. Instead of forcing yourself to visit 10 places in a day, you better focus on choosing 1-2 places that might leave more impression than other places.

The condition of each elderly person can indeed be different from one another

However, to avoid older people becoming too tired and potentially causing a decrease in physical condition, be wise in arranging travel time. Moreover, the elderly usually move more slowly than young people, so you really have to consider the tempo of the tour. Ideally, you can start your walk just before lunch, and between lunch and dinner.

Get to know the attractions you choose

especially if you are traveling with elderly who have poor physical endurance. Choose a tourist attraction that is easily reached by vehicle, or easily accessed by foot, and has good access (the road is not slippery, steep, etc. etc.).

Whereas if traveling with elderly who have difficulty moving

there’s no harm in ascertaining whether you can borrow a wheelchair at that attraction or not – unless you bring your own wheelchair from home. Likewise while at the airport, find out where you can borrow a wheelchair (and how to return it).

Do not be selfish! You might like to go on adventures in the wild and challenge adrenaline

like rafting and bungee jumping. But if traveling with the elderly, make sure you choose a tourist attraction that you can enjoy together. How, discuss each itinerary proposal that you submit, and don’t hesitate to listen to their feedback!

It is better to choose a tourist destination that is not too crowded

The elderly usually do not like crowds, especially if they have poor physical conditions. In addition, crowded places are also usually less comfortable because they have to jostle with many people, and are more prone to pickpocketing. But once again, consult each itinerary that you propose to be negotiated together. Who knows, the elderly you will take to travel together instead like a crowded atmosphere like a city, rather than being alone in the silence of the mountains.

Be observant in determining travel times

Consider the weather problem in your travel destination, and avoid traveling during the holiday period (in the area) to avoid a holiday atmosphere that is too crowded and even uncomfortable. In general, avoid traveling in the midst of extreme and erratic weather conditions, and avoid traveling during high season and peak season.

Confused in determining the destination that might be liked by the elderly?

You can consider including museums and temples in your tour itinerary. Of course, choose a place that is easy for the elderly to access!

Another alternative

you can consider taking a short cruise, as long as the elderly don’t have seasickness.

Other tips

you can ask the elderly whether there is a place of memory you want to visit in a tourist destination or not (especially if they have been there before). Occasionally pleasing the old man is good.

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