Countries for Winter Vacations, These Are Recommendations for You!

Countries for Winter Vacations, These Are Recommendations for You!

After all, winter destinations have so much to offer those who come prepared with the right wardrobe.

For people who live in a country where it doesn’t snow, experiencing this season will certainly be an unforgettable experience. Vacation to a country that has winter is also an option.

Here we summarize the best countries in the world to visit in winter.

1 Canada

There are so many things to do in Canada this season. When the country snows, tourists can ski or snowboard on some of the world’s best mountains in British Columbia and Alberta.
Not only that, if Skandis plans to visit Canada in winter, Skandis can go ice hiking in canyons such as Jonston in Alberta, ride the Icefields Parkway, ride toboggandi outdoor slides in Quebec City, ride dog sleds, go ice fishing, and gaze at phenomena. Northern lights.

2 Japan

Every season in Japan has something to offer. Cherry blossoms in spring, festivals in summer, colorful leaves in autumn, and of course skiing and snowboarding in winter. the famous term “Japow” or Japan Powder has drawn crowds of tourists to the slopes of Hakuba and Niseko for years. But that’s not all, tourists are also offered a lot more to appreciate in Japan in the winter months.

3 Norway

Not only enjoying the beautiful snow outdoors, winter in Norway can be enjoyed by watching the Northern Lights that color the sky. Not only that, but Skandis can also go dog sledding or snowshoeing through the serene wilderness.

4 United States

Not only doing winter activities such as skiing in the Rockies or snowmobile trips in Alaska, tourists are also offered winter culture and events in the United States. Tourists on vacation can see houses lit up with Christmas lights, ice skate in an open arena, walk through snow-covered parks, and see giant Christmas trees.

5 Switzerland

Most people are drawn to Switzerland as a winter destination for snow sports. However, Skandis also needed to discover the other side of Switzerland’s winter culture which included traditional foods to combat the cold temperatures. Not only that, Skandis can also ride a traditional sleigh which is an ancient Christmas and New Year tradition in Switzerland.

6 Antarctica

Antarctica could be the ultimate cold climate destination that is not only desolate, but also incredibly beautiful. This country offers an unforgettable travel experience. From boat trips through the Drake Passage to penguin views, glacier walks, whale watching and more.

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